Widget in Inline Manual

The Widget provides a menu of content such as a list of walkthroughs or articles. Use the widget to offer in-context help to users, so they don’t have to leave your application to see advice.

showing the widget in the lower right hand corner

With widget you can:

· list walkthroughs to launch tours,
· list articles to create a knowledge base,
· add redirects to get users to open another page,
· provide links relevant to a specific context.

Each new topics you create will appear in the widget by default, in the order you create them. You can organize this list in a few ways:

· reorder the topics in the widget,
· make content appear dynamically based on the context,
· hide topics from the widget.

Customize the display: by default, the widget appears in the lower right-hand corner, with the title ‘Inline Manual’. You can customize the title, placement, design, and all of the content listed in the Widget.

· See how to: change the widget title.
· See how to: hide the widget.

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