Integrations / Zapier: link Inline Manual to other services

Zapier: link Inline Manual to other services

With Zapier, you can connect Inline Manual to a number of different services to tag users automatically, update or delete user profiles, and more. In this article, you'll find instructions on how to enable Zapier integration and how to create a Zap. You can use Inline Manual as an action app in Zapier. Depending on the Zap you create, you can expect different outcomes.

Zapier integration is available for Standard PRO and Enterprise plan users.

How to enable the Zapier integration

  1. Within Inline Manual Portal, go to a site you want to enable Zapier for.
  2. Go to Settings and then go to API Access tab.

  1. Enable Zapier connectivity.

  1. Copy the token and click the link to visit your Zapier connections to authorize Inline Manual application using the token.

  1. You will see a modal window where you can provide the token and authorize the connection.

  1. Great! You've connected the Inline Manual app to your Zapier! Now it's time to create a Zap.

How to create a Zap

Creating a Zap consist of three parts:

  • Setting up the trigger
  • Configuring the action
  • Launching the Zap

Setting up a trigger

  1. Click the + button in the top left corner to create a new Zap.

  2. Choose the trigger app.

  3. Choose the specific trigger from the list of options.

  4. Connect or select your account. Click Continue.

  5. You'll see the option to test your trigger to make sure it works correctly. You can also skip it if you prefer.

  6. Click Continue.

Setting up an action

  1. Now, configure the action - tell the Zap exactly what you want it to do. Start by choosing the Action app.

  1. Choose how you want the app to behave in response to the trigger.

  1. Click Continue.

  2. You may need to connect or select your account. Click Continue.

  3. Customize your Zap. You can tell the Zap exactly what you want it to do.

  4. Next, you can test your action or skip it.

  5. When all is set up, click Done Editing.

  6. Congratulations, your Zap is ready! Turn it on.

Inline Manual Actions in Zapier

In the case of Inline Manual, these are the actions:

  • Add Tags to User Profile - it adds one or multiple tags to a specific user profile.
  • Remove Tags From User Profile - it removes certain tags from a specific user profile.
  • Create User Profile - it creates a user profile.
  • Fuzzy Search User Profile - a case-insensitive fuzzy search across users profiles.
  • Remove All Tags From User Profile - it removes all tags from a user profile.
  • Replace All Tags in User Profile - it replaces tags in a user profile.
  • Delete User Profile - it deletes a specific user profile.
  • Find User Profiles - find user profiles with filtering capabilities using an advanced query language. Here is Elasticsearch documentation for the query filter syntax.

Use cases

Here are some ideas:

Connect your sales CRM application (trigger) to create new user profiles in Inline Manual (action) - this way you can automatically create new user profiles in Inline Manual based on data you choose.

You can combine the ideas above and build multiple different Zaps - eg. connect Gmail account and create new user profiles in Inline Manual each time you receive a new e-mail. Add a specific tag to these users, and later on, target them with your marketing campaigns. Or connect your conferencing application and create new user profiles based on the data you collect there.

These are just some ideas - with Zapier you can connect various numbers of apps. The possibilities are basically endless. It's up to you!