User account and organization

Must Read: How and when to utilize Organizations?


The organization field that gets filled out upon signing up is not just a simple identifier for an account. This has several uses that could save time, money and effort.

Tip: Have you already created a site before you added an organization? Move your site to your organization by changing the site owner under Site Details.


If there is a team that will work on the tutorials, setting up an organization will easily share the topics for collaboration.

  • Once a topic is assigned to an organization, every member will have access to it.
  • Access limitations can be set per roles to every member. Read more about adding members with roles here.



Working on a tutorial with a team does not require each user to have a paid subscription. Since the Topic's owner is the organization, the organization will be the paying entity(with paid plan/subscription) while all of its members are on a free plan.

If your personal account is on a paid plan and wishes to transfer it to your organization, send us an email request via

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