Use Tooltips to launch a pop-over message or launch a walkthrough.

By default, a Tooltip looks like a red question mark. You can customize it.

How to create a Tooltip

  1. In the Authoring tool if you are within the Site, click on the menu and select Create


  1. Choose Tooltip Topic type and fill out the required fields.

Title The Title will be also visible to the end-user in the widget
Owner Select the owner of the Topic. You will be able to choose your account or Organization/s that you belong to.
Visibility in the widget Whether the Topic will be immediately visible to the end-user in the widget.
Privacy Privacy of the topic, the scope is within Inline Manual portal, won't affect your end-users.
Language Select a language of this Topic.
Description Enter a description, what is this Topic about.

Click the Create topic button.

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