Is there a way I can ensure that a Walk Through always start from a certain url?

Within the authoring tool, edit the first step and in the Misc section set the path.

The path should be relative to your site URL. For example, if you want to redirect your user to "", enter this into the step's path "dashboard".

The player will check if the user is on the dashboard page when the first step is being activated, if not, they will be redirected there.

Relative Vs. Absolute Paths

Inline Manual allows you to add paths within the activated step of a walk through. This path can be a relative or absolute path and you can choose which one to use. It will be helpful to know what's the difference between them.

An Absolute Path is the full path of your site. This is suggested if you want a specific step to launch in an exact URL.

A Relative Path, on the other hand, can be used if you have multiple sites.

Let's consider the example if your site has both a Development version and a Production version. In this case, your development URL is If you are doing a tutorial on the development version and you used an absolute path such as, you would cause a problem. This means that once the topic is updated in the Production version, the users will still be redirected to

Instead, using a relative path will give you the flexibility of playing the topic on the right path without checking the domain. For example, using "dashboard" as path will prepend the current site they are on for both development and production sites.


My Step redirects me to the wrong or non-existing page

Go to Sites > Site > Settings > Site Details and check the Url indicated there if there is a path after the domain. For example:

If the Url you want the step to redirect to is you can either:

  • Remove the path and retain the Domain on the Url and use the full path on the Step Path Field: dashboard/profile/settings


  • Retain the path on the Url and use the remaining path on the Step Path Field: profile/settings

You can use the full Url or the absolute path if you prefer, but we would recommend using the relative path especially if you have Staging sites or Subdomains.

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