Show topics within the widget only to specific segments

By default, all topics you create in Inline Manual are visible in the widget. And those topics are visible for each of your users. But you may want to display topics only to specific segments such as for example, new users.

To make sure that your users see only the most relevant content, we’ll show you how to assign topics to segments.

Assigning topics to segments

To assign topics to segments:

  1. Login to Inline Manual portal with your e-mail and password.

  2. Go to Sites and choose a site you want to make changes for.

  1. Go to Topics tab.

  2. Click Available to and expand the options. You will see default segments, and segments you created.

  1. Check the boxes for segments you want to assign to a topic. You can select the operator AND or OR as needed. If you select OR, the user can be a part of any selected segments. If you select AND, the user should be the part of all selected segments.

  2. If you want to show it to all your users, deselect all the previously checked segments.

Well done!

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