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You can use the site’s Player settings for further customization of your steps, widget, and the checklist.

In Player settings, you can:
· Customize the topic list in the widget,
· Enable splash mode,
· Enable mirroring,
· Choose preferred storage,
· Hide the widget button,
· Enable checklist.

In this article, we’ll describe all these options.

Accessing site’s Player settings

  1. Login to Inline Manual portal with your e-mail and password.

  2. Go to Sites and choose the desired site.

  1. Go to the Settings tab and choose Player settings from the left side menu.

Now, let’s discuss what you can set up in each tab.

Topic List

In the Topic list section, you can adjust the way your content is visible within the widget.

· Search box - if checked, the search box appears at the top of the topic list within the widget. Your users can search topics in the real-time. Read more about the search here.

· Filter by context - if checked, only topics that match context path will be shown within the widget. This allows you to show only relevant content to your users. Read more here.

· Filter topics by language - if checked, the list of topics within the widget will be filtered by currently selected language. Only topics in current language and language-neutral topics will be displayed.

Splash Mode

In the Splash mode section, you can customize the look of the panel (opened widget).

· Panel Backdrop - if checked, you will see the backdrop under the panel. This feature works only if Splash mode is disabled.

· Splash mode - if checked, the panel with a list of topics will be displayed in the middle of the screen.

· Splash backdrop - if checked, the backdrop will be added under the panel in the Splash mode. This only takes effect when Splash mode is enabled.


· Enable mirroring - if checked, popovers (steps) and the widget will update their positions on all windows where the player code is implemented. It’s applicable when your guided tour involves multiple windows. We don’t recommend using it when the step has a video with autoplay in it.

Preferred storage

In the Preferred storage section, you can decide if you want to use local storage or cookies.

· Local Storage - If used, you can't keep the state when a user is going through the different subdomains. For example, users won’t be able to continue the walkthrough on another subdomain.

· Cookies - If used, walkthroughs should work across subdomains.

Panel trigger

In the Panel trigger section, you can hide the widget.

· Hide trigger - if checked, the widget button won’t appear on your website.

· Hide trigger only for mobile devices - if checked, the widget button won’t appear on mobile devices.

· Custom trigger - you can set up a custom widget with CSS. All elements matching this CSS selector will function as a widget button.


In the Checklist section, you can enable the checklist.

· Enable checklist - if checked, it will add a checklist box with a list of specific topics. Read more about enabling checklist here.

You can set up: · Checklist position - choose at what corner of the screen the checklist will appear. · Hide when all done - if checked, it’ll hide the checklist when all topics are done. · Checklist type - Normal means that users will see all of the topics, and they can complete them in any order. Linear means they will see all of the topics, but they can only complete them in sequence.


In the Branding section, you can remove the Inline Manual branding.

· Remove Inline Manual branding - if checked, "Powered by Inline Manual" won't be visible in your content.

Whenever you make a change, don’t forget to confirm it with the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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