People tracking

Sites > Site > People

Inline Manual can track users of your website and display reports describing who they are and how they behave. You will need People Tracking to use Analytics, and Automation to send targeted content and automatically launch messages or walkthroughs.

When you enable People Tracking Inline Manual will start tracking your website or application users. With that data, you can access reports to see who they are, and their behaviors. You can use these reports to discover where they are from, which tutorials they completed, and their latest activity.

The People tab: Who's active?

In the People tab at Sites > Site > People, you get a quick overview of the numbers of users and active users and the numbers of users associated with any particular Segment. You can search for users.

User profile with Inline Manual data

What was the user up to, which tutorials they have seen and how much they might be engaged? Drill down by specific user to learn more about them.

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