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Do you need to QA test new tutorials against the next great release of your application? What if you have a great new version of your app coming out next week? Updates often mean that the steps to complete a task change and sometimes even the elements you’re asking people to click on disappear completely. You need a way to update your walkthroughs to prepare them for your next release. And you need to do this without disrupting your current site.

With our version control tools you can safely develop and test on your staging environment and push to production when you're ready to go live.

Version Control Overview

All of your content in Inline Manual is in a version control system similar to what developers use, such as Git or Subversion. Content authors can go back and forth in history, and revert to previous states.

You’ll notice we use the same language developers use, so you can keep your releases in sync.

Next, deploy your changes to your site. Designate that Release to a specific Topic on a site.


You can create multiple sites in Inline Manual. Each site in Inline Manual has a unique player ID you install into your environments. Lite accounts can have one “live” site, and other sites for testing. Standard accounts and higher can have unlimited sites. Check our pricing page for a comparison.

We recommend you have one site for your production environment, and one for staging. On the production site you’ll have all the topics you have tested and know are working. On your staging site you can add individual topics as you need to test them.

Designate a Release to a Topic that is assigned to your site.

how to move content from staging to production

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