Launchers appear as tooltip icons in your UI. By placing a Launcher, you make it possible for a user to start a Walkthrough or open a Tooltip from anywhere on your site.

When to use Launchers?

Launchers take up minimal space in a user interface and make it possible for you to attract a user's attention to offer help in-context.

  • Add a launcher where users might need help to complete a task they don't often do.
  • Place a launcher near known trouble spots for users.

Tip: When you Launch a walkthrough, explain what the walkthrough will do, and give the option for users to click "Next" or "End" if they want to opt out of the tour.

Two types of Launchers

There are two types of Launchers.

  • Topic launcher Each Walkthrough or Tooltip can have its own launcher. When users click a launcher for a Walkthrough, it will start from the first step.
  • Step Launcher If you want to launch into a particular step of a walkthrough, use a Step Launcher. For example, you may want to allow users to jump to specific steps in a walkthrough or tour. Here's a simple example, using the default Tooltip with custom content, numbered 1-3.

Launcher styles and appearance

There are four launcher styles that work right out of the box, without coding. You can, however, customize the look of Launchers with custom CSS. You can also improve the Player appearance in your site's Settings.


Add tooltips to your UI without code

When to use a Tooltip. New users especially like information points like these in the UI. A small question mark shows where you provide more information. You can replace the content with single characters such as a small ā€œiā€ for information. This can save users from having to refer to an FAQ outside your app or seek support.


Add a pulsing launcher to attract attention

When to use a Hotspot. Create a hotspot to draw attention to a new opportunity in your application. Need to highlight a new upgrade to existing users? This will help draw their attention.


Add short text tooltips to your app

When to use the Text style launcher. In some cases, you may want to prompt users with a short phrase. With this style, you can change the text to a single word or two and the launcher has a fixed width.

Long text

Add long text tooltips to your UI

When to use the Long text style launcher. This is similar to the Text style launcher, except this will resize to fit more text. For example, Long text could be useful when users are filling out a form, you might like to put in a few words of information. However, if they click on the launcher, they can get the additional detail.

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