How to: custom step templates

Consistency is important to making sure your users don't feel lost. Our customers already get full branding control through the design tools and custom CSS. And now with Custom Step Templates, you can get consistent branding no matter who is authoring the content.

When to use Custom Step Templates?

If you want to ensure your interactive walkthroughs are seamless and consistent with your own branding.

There are several default Step Templates which authors to chose as a starting point for their designs. To use the default templates, you would select which template you want to start with, and then edit the content or the HTML. With a Custom Step Template, you can create templates for your authors to use as starting points.

Here are some example ideas for how you can use Custom Step Templates:

  • A popular pattern is a coach screen, which works like a slideshow. You can set a default look for these screens, and your authors can quickly add in images and text.
  • You may want to make informational popovers different than popovers which prompt users to take an action.
  • Make a template for on-the-fly Support tutorials which include footer links to your support portal.

How to add a Custom Step Template

Tip: When you create a Custom Step Template, they will be associated with site owner's account. This will also allow you to use your templates across different sites.

Templates can be always found in the Templates navigation in the site context
Authoring tool templates

In the Templates section you are able to manage the Templates
Templates list

To use step Templates, when editing Step, click on the Step templates button
Where to find step templates

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