Custom buttons: Skip, Show more, Launch another topic,... instead of Next, Prev,...

We have added Custom buttons to UI of the editor - please read here: Add Custom Buttons

It's possible to hide the default buttons Prev, Next, and End and instead use your own HTML.

You'll be able to end the tour via a button or skip to next or any other step. Optionally you can add a class to the link, so it can be displayed as a button.

Switch to code view in the step editor by clicking on "</>" icon and add any of the below:

Go to step:

Go to next step:
<a onclick="inline_manual_player.goToStep('next')">Go to next step</a>

Go to step no. X:
<a onclick="inline_manual_player.goToStep(X)">Go to step X</a>

NOTE: the first step index is 0, therefore if you want to jump to step 6, you will have to enter 5.

End topic:

<a onclick="inline_manual_player.deactivate()">End</a>

Activate another topic X:

<a onclick="inline_manual_player.activateTopic(topic_id)">Launch topic</a>

where topic_id is the id of the topic you want to launch

NOTE: the activate another topic won't work through preview mode in authoring tool.


See the -main page about buttons in popovers](/docs/buttons-popovers) for design and styling options.

You can add a class inmplayer-button to each of the button to turn the links into buttons. Example:

<a onclick="inline_manual_player.goToStep(X)" class="inmplayer-button">Go to step X</a>

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