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Sites > Site > Settings > Player integrations
Due to Google Analytics' Recent update, integration to this application will not work when implemented through Google Tag Manager.

Standard Plan and Enterprise users can track when users complete tutorials or reach specific steps in Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Intercom, Kissmetrics, Marketo, Segment or Woopra. These new player integrations send event information to your third-party analytics services. This is one-way integration, you need to have these services already injected inside of your application.

How to set up third-party analytics

To set it up, enable the third party service on your site or application.

  • Visit Site > Settings > Player integrations.
  • Select which analytics service you’d like to send data to.

You can track events to give you insight into how users interact with your interactive walkthroughs. For example, you can tell when a user manually closes a topic by tracking Topic End.

For Google Analytics go to Behavior > Events to view your Data

We are working on further integrations, the first step was to build an engine around this to make it super easy to add any other integrations. Let us know at support@inlinemanual.com what should we integrate next.

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